User Agreement

The User Agreement (UA) is a public offer that sets out the terms of use of the materials that can be found on

1. General Terms

The resource administration is a person who has the rights to administer this site as part of their job description.

User is a natural person who entered the site, filled in online forms and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in this SOW

Personal data — the information that, at the request of the Administration User indicates on the site (name, contact phone number, date of birth and e-mail address)

Processing of personal data — is the action aimed at collecting, systematization and storage of information shared by the user for the correct use of the resource.

Materials — is text, graphic information, as well as photos and videos, which appeared as a result of intellectual activity of the Administration. Their copying and republication to third-party resources is prohibited.

Resource (site) — is a group of web pages, which is administered by the Administration. Administration can perform works and render services on its own behalf, being the official representative of the Resource

2. Obligations of Administration

— Provide the user with materials for reading in order to answer questions, expand their horizons and other types of personal use of information.

— Perform administration of the site in accordance with the rules set forth in this SAR and the Privacy Policy (PC).

— Not to disclose to third parties personal user data, except in special cases set out in the PC.

3. User’s obligations:

— Register on the Site, following a clearly stipulated procedure.

— Provide true and accurate information about yourself (name, date of birth, contact phone number and email address).

— Use the Site materials solely for personal purposes — for self-education and home needs. Using the published material for personal enrichment and business activities is prohibited

4. User Rights

— Post comments and entries that do not conflict with the norms of national legislation, may not call for violence, incite interracial warfare and other anti-social activities

— Explore the publications of the Website for personal use. It is forbidden to transfer publications, images and videos to third parties. You may not reproduce any part or all of the material for publication on a third party site

— Examine the materials and share opinions about them with other visitors

5. User may not

— Modification of texts, images or videos in any form is prohibited.

— Not to publish materials on other resources and transfer them for use by third parties.

— It is forbidden to quote texts, photos or videos from the site without clearly and distinctly indicating the source