Technological breakthrough. The cryptocurrency world won’t be the same. 


What are the characteristics of a reliable wallet?

Most recently, the digital money owners were outnumbered and there was no relevant information on how to do a cryptocurrency business. There was also no competition for the best conditions for the existence in the crypto world. However, the world does not stand still. Every day, new services and specialists appear on the market and promote themselves. And it becomes more and more hard to know who to trust, especially when it comes to your own money.

This article is about a successful cryptoproject — a local cryptocurrency wallet — a full-fledged BitMarket Network Client. The application has three most important functional characteristics for any crypto-holder: safety, convenience and accessibility.


It is provided by 3 main elements:

❖     Two-factor authentication: this system is the most effective in account protection from unauthorized entry. The user identification method consists in requesting two types of authentication data — a seed-phrase and a code sent via SMS or email.

❖     Open source: it is public and anyone can see it.

❖     Cold local storage: the software is installed on a PC or mobile phone. Such a wallet gives the owner full control over their savings and personal keys.

 Thus, Bitmarket does not store private information, passwords and seed phrases of users, therefore it is very safe.


This is achieved through 2 features:

 ➢     Comfortable U1 and UI: combine convenience and ease of use of the service. This is not just a beautiful design, but a high level interaction between the user and the application.

➢     Multicurrency: now the service supports the two most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin. But the application is regularly updated, so the new most liquid e-money will be uploaded soon. All currency is in fiat money, so it is easy to convert.

 Bitmarket’s intuitive interface allows many new users to quickly understand the algorithm for buying and exchanging digital coins.


 It attained thanks to 4 main option:

 ●     Independence from the Internet connection: the wallet can be used from your home PC and personal phone anywhere in the world.

●     Cross-platform: Bitmarket is supported on all popular devices — Win / Mac OS X / Linux. iOS and Android will also be added soon.

●     Language support: the application and its website are translated into the 6 most widespread languages.

●     Technical support: the developers provided the possibility of feedback for their customers on the site.

 Bitmarket Wallet is a real assistant and tool for efficient work with cryptocurrency. Once you download it to a device, you will always have access to your savings.

 Back in late 2021, this cross-platform wallet was in alpha version. And already in 2022, the developers released 2 service updates. Version 0.13.0 differs from its old releases in the following ways:

●     Ported to PySide6 6.2.1.

●     Database engine has been changed from the sqlite3 to the bmnsqlite3 package.

●     Full database encryption with AES-XTS cipher.

●     New database table structure.

●     Setting the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variable.

●     Setting the QQmlEngine.offlineStoragePath property.

●     Some command line option names have been renamed to be more readable.

●     New command line option —local-data-path.

●     Limited download of data from the server (16MiB).

●     QML: Keyboard navigation optimization.

 And after a couple of days, a new version of the application 0.13.1 was released with:

●     New command line option —temp-path.

●     Possibility to select a single address as the transaction input.

●     Possibility to specify a password (secret word) when creating a seed.

This Blockchain wallet has already proved itself on the market. In addition to good functionality, it stands out among its competitors with the absence of user and transaction fees. This fast-growing project needs new specialists. If you find employment or just want to support this innovative project, contact the developers on the Bitmarket site.


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