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We are a fast-growing media company in crypto world

We are focused on among ru-language crypto speaking community in CIS countries. The CIS region is The 4th largest cryptocurrency market by transaction volume in the world and 3rd by trading volume on Binance globally. We deliver relevant and significant news, project reviews, interviews and AMA-sessions, digests, educational materials, and more useful information for crypto enthusiasts.

Our media


– is our major communication channel with audience. More than 75,000k subscribers.


– is the platform for our creative communication with subscribers through various video content


– is our classic communication channel that allows us to attract a new audience.


– is the way to get to tell about Incrypted, increase subscribers involvement and remind about our activities


– we use twitter to show the importance of the CIS market to users from other regions.

Tik Tok

– we always try to follow trends and please users wherever they are.

According to statistics, Incrypted Telegram channel has reached 100k+ subscribers with 20% ERR, standing in the top 5 citation index among ru-language Crypto publics. We do ~ 15 posts/day.

Telegram subscribers, 2021-2022

We strive to produce the best videos in terms of content and quality. The number of our subscribers has grown to 100k in March 2022

YouTube statistics, 2021-2022

Our videos on YouTube get average 4k views, but the variety of content helps us to get 625k gained views monthly (Jan,2021).

Our Telegram channel consists of

  • Daily most relevant and important news from the crypto world
  • Posts on the state of the cryptocurrency market
  • Teasers of posts on our website, as well as new videos/streams on YouTube
  • AMA sessions with projects in our community chat.

Top countries by visitors

Gender shares

Top countries by visitors

Our YouTube channel consists of

  • Weekly news digests
  • Educative video instructions for using crypto services (How to…?)
  • Our educational video course “Diving into Crypto”
  • Project reviews and biographies of famous people from crypto
  • Interviews and streams with project representatives and public figures from
  • the world of crypto
  • Our creative and humorous videos.

Our website consists of

  • Recaps of the YouTube streams and AMA sessions;
  • Transliteration of the conducted interviews;
  • Analytical market reviews and reports;
  • Educational articles;
  • Daily most important news from crypto space;
  • Press releases and announcements.

Our team

Ivan Pavlovskiy

CEO, Co-founder

Andrey Makarov

COO, Co-founder

Dima Yurchenko

Chief Сontent

Vlad Shevchenko

Media support manager

Simeon Tishevskiy

Video production

Nadya Dumbrova

SMM manager

Dima Avnabov

Visual communication

Ilya Surgan

Nodes manager

Rodion Volkov

Camera man

Incrypted team during summer meetup with subscribers

Our services

We are open for a long-term cooperation with solid projects, so we can offer the following types of services for you

Incrypted START

– Intro post
– Press release
– AMA session

Community activities

– Meetups with projects representatives
– Help in community chat management (pilot)

Incrypted START

– Intro post
– Press release
– AMA session

Community activities

– Meetups with projects representatives
– Help in community chat management (pilot)

Monthly media support:

Posts with important news and major updates in Telegram channel

Mentions in weekly video Digests on YouTube

Mentions in weekly video Digests on YouTube

AMA session in community chat + recap on website (mostly in the beginning of work)

Monthly progress report.

Articles with major announcements or press releases on the website

Mentions in daily Text digests on the website


Only safe projects

No shilling

Only major news


How does it work?

If you already want to work with us, it’s as follows:

  • Write to us. Fill out a simple form so that our first contact is already constructive and helpful. A few questions about your project and we’ll start communicating a little more prepared.
  • First contact. In order to make you an offer that’s perfect for your needs, you just need to… talk. A live chat online or offline can replace many hours of correspondence.
  • Proposal. After our conversation, my team and I analyze the project, opportunities, and options and offer you our solutions in the form of a complete contractual proposal.
  • Work and reporting. After revisions and approval on your part, we get down to work, after which we give you a full report on the results.

If you are interested, please fill out a simple Google form. Talk to you soon!


Please PM in Telegram


Media support


Media support

We have to say we are proud of our community and we like to gather it on Meetups! So maybe you want to be a part of it?)